“There are no people, no one lives there, only shrubs and trees. Close your eyes and you will hear the silence. Emptiness around and inside emptiness."
This series of photographs continues the main theme of the Ukrainian countryside. These shops are located outside the big city in small towns and villages. They are very different from regular supermarkets.
The Fluidity series consists of 24 photographs of a Kyiv high-rise building.
out of time
That’s amazing how permanent is the nature over time. Only the areas that have been covered with ice are changing. People need years and rocks need centuries to be changed. In this series, the author shows the beauty and monumentality of the mountains, telling the story of the eternity and the brevity of life at the same time.
song of the Earth
This is a series of photographs about the incredible beauty of nature and time. Sunflowers at the last stage of life have already dried up and there is no moisture left in them. Time has done its job, but this moment they become specially beautiful, but no one notices. You just need to stop, come to them and take a closer look.
An abstract series of photographs in which there is only color. The color of one country or area. The goal was to remove visual recognition and leave only color - the “color profile” and understand how countries differ in a color context, what colors characterize them and which ones dominate.
shadow of soul
Each image consists of 100 portrait photographs of one person taken during one session. The idea was to stretch the time on the photo and look into the inside of a person, remove clear visual facial features in order to depict the state in which the person is, his soul.