Shadow of soul. Looking at images we feel as if we are present in a process of shaping a spirit as it takes human form. The fluidity of the images makes the process visible through the recording of the motion. The motion blur seems that brings the human figures to the surface gradually but keeps them abstract. This fact leads us to see these figures as human souls or spirits and supports the concept. There is something supernatural and eerie in these figures and their response to the camera creates a sense of a calling. We could say that these souls observe us or wait to be observed giving a metaphorical meaning to the project. This meaning is connected with the deep desire of every people to be seen as he is beyond his external appearance. The external appearance of the depicted individuals is not the point here. On the contrary, the existence of their personality is important and is represented by their souls. Of course, images are open to more than one interpretation because of the abstraction but the general feeling supports the main concept.